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February 08 2018

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this is the most Wisconsin/Minnesota hat I’ve ever seen and I need it

February 07 2018

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hard truth

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Day 1: Favorite Normal Type


I like using the palettes from the old sprites so I ref’d the gold ver sprite for this one

ughhh I hate that thing where your brain forgets that gloves make your fingers longer and you accidentally poke yourself in the eyeball

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Japanese elevator prank.

I would have taken the stairs.

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the best thing about snow is that it completely erases lane markings and everyone conveniently forgets where they were, so that new lanes are determined by the will of the people



i am a simple man, i see my cats paw, i squeeze it

i see my cats little nose, i kiss it

types of people


grey- earbuds in, doesn’t talk, disappearing randomly, always busy, tired face, hard outside soft inside.

yellow- bright eyes, cheerful grin, quick winks, tattered converse, warm heart, city parks, close friends.

blue- denim jackets, patterned socks, messy hair, knowing looks, full coffee mug, roaming the sidewalks.

red- angry glare, strong feelings, ripped jeans, combat boots, leather jackets, bruised knuckles, record stores.

brown- deep eyes, full of stories, old soul, sipping tea, soft skin, vintage clothes, thrift shops, flannel shirts.

green- smoothies, splattered jeans, paintbrush in hand, art museums, road trips, pressed flowers.




I have a lot of pet peeves but I think the biggest one is when people say things like “oh it’s such a small town, only 35,000 people” like bitch my town has 200 people, you need to pick a new adjective 

According to Wikipedia, a small town is 1,000-20,000 people. So although you are correct in stating that 35,000 people is not a small town (it is a large town), you are incorrect in thinking that you live in a town. You live in a village. You are a villager.

I…… don’t know what to do with that information……a villager…

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Fresh tasting coffee

Your grandpa is the funniest fucker on the world wide web




Someone say something stupid so I can use this picture:

And feel cool

God no, not like this

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my plan

step 1: buy 15 identical cats

step 2: invite someone over

step 3: when they ask how many cats you have say “just one but he’s really fast”

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slippery slope

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With gnashing teeth and grinning tongue all that you were comes undone.

I have to say this commission was really fun to do!

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